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28/11/2018, 08:05 AM

Sid Peimer - Serving, Enable And Leading Business

Established in 1804, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the oldest member-based business organisation in Africa. It is mandated to serve, enable and lead business. This is achieved through a...   More

28/11/2018, 07:52 AM

Set Breakers

WHAT ARE 'SETS'? Definition for those with lots of time: A state of perceptual readiness to assess a problem situation in a particular way, to adhere to that assessment and to perform, in accordance with that...   More

28/11/2018, 07:37 AM

Wasson's Four Card Reasoning

THE SETUP Labels are printed with either an A or E on the front and a 2 or 3 on the back. Some of the labels are printed incorrectly, and you are given the job of checking to ensure that if a label has an E...   More

27/11/2018, 05:36 PM

The Winning Streak

Research Unit, a firm which manufactures designer handbags, and All Women Recycling which makes gifts and gadgets from used plastic were the big winners at the Exporter of the Year competition which were...   More

27/11/2018, 05:21 PM

ECIC/Cape Chamber Exporter Of The Year Finalists

The Exporter of the Year finalists, in alphabetical order, were: All Women Recycling, a Muizenberg company which makes and sells a variety of gifts and gadgets made from plastic waste Ayama SA, which makes and...   More

27/11/2018, 05:14 PM

Jill Bysshe with Janine Myburgh - Outstanding Business Women

Two outstanding Cape Town business women received awards from the International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge in Shanghai, China in September this year. Jill Bysshe and Jaqueline Naughton both run...   More

27/11/2018, 05:04 PM

Louis Fourie - Why Shared Office Space?

Freelancers, consultants and private proprietors understand the challenges of finding an ideal space in which to work. For many business people, their success depends on their ability to operate out of a...   More

27/11/2018, 04:48 PM

Terry Winship - The Hot Frog

The boiling frog is a fable about how humans react to slow or fast change. The premise is that if a frog was dumped into boiling water it would jump out immediately. If the frog was put into tepid water that...   More

27/11/2018, 04:30 PM

Nicolene Schoeman-Louw - Get Your Business To Where You Want To Be

It is no secret, things are really tough at the moment. South Africa is in a technical recession and consumer spending is at an alltime low. To many small businesses this means that the pressure is very real....   More

27/11/2018, 04:26 PM

Shantelle Booysen - The People Who Shape Us

For Cristiano Renaldo or Serena Williams to soar to great heights and win best player of the year and 24 grand slams takes more than just practice. I absolutely believe in what Gary Player said, "The harder I...   More

27/11/2018, 04:12 PM

Compliance Hub - Delivering Cost Effective Compliance Solutions

Compliance Hub Consulting (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2011, to service the South African business industry as an independent service provider for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE). Within a...   More

27/11/2018, 04:05 PM

Parklands College - Innovation In Education

Parklands College is an independent school in Cape Town, South Africa, that caters for children from Pre- Primary to Grade 12. Our focus is innovation in education and we believe that the best way to prepare...   More

27/11/2018, 03:46 PM

YES Initiative Practice Note

The Youth Employment Services (YES) amendments to the B-BBEE Codes were gazetted on 28 August 2018 and Practice Guide 1 on 12 October 2018. YES is a partnership with government, labour and civil society and...   More

27/11/2018, 03:30 PM

Lynn Worsley - Recycling Transforms Lives

All Women Recycling is based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. The initiative, which has been in existence for eight years, is a result of Lynn Worsley's desire to create a sustainable and profitable...   More

27/11/2018, 03:18 PM

Jens Jakobsen - Maintenance Of Fire Protection Systems

Disaster has happened before. A company invests in an automatic sprinkler system to meet fire department or insurance requirements and when a fire occurs the premises is razed to the ground. The reason? The...   More

27/11/2018, 03:04 PM

Nadia Horn - Your Passport To Travel

Nadia Horn has worked for 17 years in the travel and tourism industry and has a diploma and certificate in travel and tourism. Her career in tourism started by volunteering at the Paarl information office....   More

27/11/2018, 02:53 PM

Janine Myburg - Cape Chamber Of Commerce And Industry AGM 2018

Almost five years ago, we did not fully realise the extent of the damage that was being done to our economy by corruption. The term "state capture" was not yet part of our everyday vocabulary. It was clear...   More

26/11/2018, 11:41 AM

Wendy Kemp - If Prevention Fails, Accountability Is The Cure

Managing the dangers of debtors Studies have shown that approximately 80% of small business enterprises fail within the first five years and only 1% of the remainder grow to employ ten or more...   More