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Nadia Horn - Your Passport To Travel

Nadia Horn has worked for 17 years in the travel and tourism industry and has a diploma and certificate in travel and tourism.

Her career in tourism started by volunteering at the Paarl information office. She then worked at the Paarl Museum and thereafter at various travel agencies.

After acquiring extensive hands on experience in both corporate and leisure travel, Horn opened Selena Travel Agency in May 2012. Selena Travel is independently owned and uses the services of S.I.T.A. Worldwide Group (SWG) for her clients bookings. SWG was created to service the needs of growing small to medium independent travel agents in the travel industry. The group has a large number of partnerships
with the world's leading airlines, tour operators, cruise liners, car rental companies and hotels both locally and internationally.

Consequently, Selena Travel Agency has an extensive network with travel colleagues to assist with any overflow of travel reservations.

Horn prides herself on the personal service with which she provides her clients. "The personal touch is my forte and I offer a one stop travel reservation service - no travel query is too big or to small," says Horn. "I am happy to consult with the client and I do not mind going to the client's work place and meeting at coffee shops.

I have extensive destination and product knowledge and offer value for money - not only do we quote travellers on what they ask, we can also suggest alternative hotels, airlines, day tours etc.

I always go the extra mile to tailor-make your perfect holiday or business trip, saving your valuable time from having to browse the web and brochures."

In order to stay on top of the game, Horn travels regularly and attends industry workshops.

Selena Travel Agency's scope of travel services include:
Inbound and outbound travel
Corporate and leisure travel
Domestic travel
Hotels, flights, car rental, transfers, day tours
Honeymoons and weddings
Game reserves
Conferencing and Group Travel
Sport Travel-Rugby, Soccer etc.
Youth Travel
Silver Surfers (Seniors)
Honeymoon travel
Family travel
Individual travel
Holy Land Israel Tours
Visa guidance and assistance
Advise regarding health inoculations
Selena Travel Agency is available 24-7 via email and through WhatsApp. This includes a 24 hour emergency contact number in the event of time changes and travel delays.

Contact: and Whatsapp 072 071 3452

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