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Lynn Worsley - Recycling Transforms Lives

All Women Recycling is based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. The initiative, which has been in existence for eight years, is a result of Lynn Worsley's desire to create a sustainable and profitable business, while supporting the environment and empowering other women. All Women Recycling employs
single mothers and women with little to no work experience or education, or those who have been unemployed longer than two years.

All Women Recycling buys plastic bottles from dumps and waste collectors and turns them into decorative gift boxes to sell locally and abroad. They also partner with large recycling companies, who donate bottles
on a weekly basis.

From 2016 to 2018 they have prevented almost a million polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles from reaching the rubbish dump, with this volume set to grow annually.

Products include:
The kliketyklikbox™ which is a versatile and trendy, yet practical and upmarket, eco-friendly gift box recycled from plastic 2-litre cool drink bottles.

The I.PET (intelligent PET) using two bottles beautifully sewn with high quality zips to make pencil cases, travel bags and storage containers in small and large sizes.

THE PETTIPOD which are chic and decorative and available in a variety of colours in small and large sizes.

The KEEPET All Women Recycling identifies prevalent waste plastic items and designs unique gift boxes to suit the cut of the bottle. "Thinking out of the bottle is paramount to our success," says Worsley.

The women are taught the skills needed to create these boxes, while at the same time learning business
management, life and sales skills.

"We don't only teach craft skills, but business skills too, because accessing skills training is central to their personal growth," said Worsley. "I don't want the women to stay here forever. I want them to grow in the business until they're ready to find other jobs. This is just a stepping stone for them."

She added, "A quarter of our employees have gone on to further their education to get better jobs or started their own businesses on the side."

There are approximately 350 kliketyklikboxes™ produced by the women daily and are supplied to more than 30 retail outlets. These products are perfect for birthdays, seasonal gifts, corporate gifting and other
special occasions.

The products can be designed with your brand in mind for product launch giveaways or for seminars, events and conferences. The ecofriendly, upcycled promotional gift box can be filled with candy, biltong, ties, scarves and more.

In addition, about 95% of the eco-friendly gift boxes are exported to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA Australia. Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand. Belgium and Luxemburg.

All Women Recycling won the Finex SA award for the best non-engineering exporter, the Cape Chamber award for Design, and the Nedbank award for Transformation at the Export Credit Insurance Corporation/
Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry Exporter of the Year Awards. All Women Recycling were finalists for the Exporter of the Year Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Products may be ordered directly from All Women Recycling and agent/distributor opportunities are available.

T: 081 493 0297
C: 021 712 3565

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